4 Most Common Exercise Excuses

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I am here to give you the top mental tricks that will get your body moving! We will take your lame excuses and throw them out the door and your body and mind will thank-us later!


1. I am too tired

We get that your mentally tired from your 40 hours a week answering phone calls, pretending to be nice to your co-workers and answering meaningless emails that never stop. Who wouldn’t be? It’s the steps you take during the day and after your work ends that will get you in the gym.

Tip #1: Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch-This is obvious, putting the right things in your body will give you the energy you need to complete a workout later in the day and decrease crashes.

Tip #2: Take a nap- Research has been done over and over that 20-30 minutes of shut eye can equal up to 2 hours of sleep at night. I will sometimes crash for my 20 minutes as late as 8:00pm and wake up feeling recharged. Here is a big thing to remember about naps, make sure you nap in a uncomfortable setting (i.e. in chair, in the car etc.). Do not take a nap in bed.

Tip #3: Do not fall into routine where¬† it will be hard to workout. (i.e. eating a high-carb dinner, followed by sweets, followed by food como, followed by wait “The Bachelor” is on! pfftt…too tired to workout..”



2. I do not have enough time

Man, do I hate this one. You always have time, it is just how you use it. This means If you have 20 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 hour it does not matter make it happen. Calisthenics and stairs can be your best friend. Remember anything is better than nothing.

Tip #1: If you live in a high-rise building use the stairs to workout!

Tip #2: Set up your own body weight circuit at home

3. I have a minor injury

Aw. You slightly strained your back 3 years ago playing co-ed flag football. I know that sounds harsh, but putting up mental barriers are tough to overcome. All this means is your going to be more limited to your specific workout till you are fully recovered from your injury.

Tip #1: Use different pieces of exercise equipment. (i.e. low impact aerobic machines like the elliptical and rowing machine).

Tip #2: Hire a Personal Trainer, this is not shameless self promotion (maybe it is) but it is reality that a trainer can offer you up different exercises you didn’t know existed and at the same time speed up your recovery.

4. Working out is boring

You are right it is boring. But the feeling afterwards is fantastic. Any mental edge that you can do to get yourself moving is what you need to find!

Tip# 1: Put on your gym clothes at work, or right when you get home. Drink a supplement filled smoothie, coconut water, load new songs on your ipod anything to get a slight motivation.

Tip #2: Workout with a partner. Accountability is huge.

Tip #3: Track progress with apps and your phone.

Tip #4: Small circuits

Till next time!

lapping those on the couch


Angus Burke

Certified Personal Trainer

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