4 Reasons You Are Regaining Your Weight

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4 Reasons You’re Regaining Your Weight


Firstly, as you know if you are an EP Fitness client or follow some of our blogs that tracking your “weight” is a poor indicator of your health and fitness. That said, I will be using it as a metaphor more than anything to explain some of the most common reasons I see people not making the progress they deserve.









  1. We look for a timed finish line


I want to lose “X” weight and look shredded by my summer house boating trip in 6 weeks. While you may be committed for a short burst, the long term nutritional habits of late night Captain Crunch Ice cream will start leaking into your day-to-day soon afterwards.


  1. Weight and Happiness


The correlation of losing weight and happiness is not always realistic. As we all know, people of all shapes and sizes struggle with body image issues (Dennett, National Post, 2016).


  1. We do not make it a priority


It needs to be a priority almost every day. This means the excuse, “I don’t have time” needs to go out the window. Fitness, diet and exercise needs to be a lifestyle choice. In terms of diet, even just following a 90/10 rule and planning for life’s unexpected stresses is vital for success.


  1. Unreal expectations


Do you think seeing a Personal Trainer 1-2x per week will get you long term results when you’re not putting in the work on your own? Definitely not. Consistency is key, and just because you may have sweated out a bucket with your trainer, does not give you the green light to indulge on Churches chicken at 3am.




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