6 Reasons Why High Intensity Workouts Are Here to Stay!

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So you might have heard about High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) or High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) as I like to simply put it. This could be because your a client of EP Fitness or noticed it was one of the top fitness trends in 2014 along with body weight training, according to ACSM. In a nutshell, H.I.T. is here to stay in a big way as people are looking for fast, efficient workouts that will give them results as soon as possible. See why P90X has done so well, not counting your working out 6X per week and nutritional concerns. 🙂


High Intensity Training is a mix of strength, aerobic, anaerobic and core work where the individual is exerting 100% output for short bursts. Generally, recovery periods are geared towards slower aerobic movements such as step ups, or various forms core exercises such as plank. This type of exercise leads one to burn more calories and fat than a standard pace workout.

6 Reasons Why High Intensity Workouts Are Here to Stay

1. Lost weight, not muscle

2. Minimal equipment or none at all

3. Increase Metabolism

4. Time efficient

5. Do it anywhere

6. For Men and Women

Leave you with this exercise jam!


Angus Burke


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  • Kyle

    High intensity interval training is definitely the way to go! It’s great to see more scientific research being done into the benefits of HIIT.

    • Angus Burke

      Hi Kyle! Definitely, let’s be honest for the majority of the public you also want to get the “most bang for your buck” and H.I.I.T will get you efficient results in the shortest period of time.

      • Kyle

        it definitely fits into the cultural mindset of getting more done in less time!

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