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EP Fitness is specially designed for the busy urban professional. Our 45 and 30 minute partner or private (H.I.T.T)  fitness sessions are tailored for maximal and efficient results in weight loss, endurance and strength gains.

Choose between a male and female trainer on-site or anywhere downtown. Book online up to 1 hour ahead.

About the Founder:

angus-founderBSc, CFT (ISSA), Jr. Fitness Certification

Angus Burke founded EP Fitness Inc. to offer clients the ultimate flexibility to get healthy and fit in the most efficient way possible. His passion for healthy living is a lifestyle he likes to share to his clients. Fitness and the feeling of empowerment have always been areas that Angus has shared. He continues to be active in the community from soccer, hockey, running, floorball, biking, snowboarding, tennis, golfing and kayaking. This passion is a dedication to help share his expertise and education on to his clients to help achieve their goals.

As an athlete, he grew up playing on Youth National soccer teams and playing soccer oversees. He received a full scholarship to Towson University NCAA Div. 1 where he graduated in 2008. He also represented Canada in 2012 on the National Floorball team in their successful bid for the World Cup.

As an entrepreneur Angus enjoys the process of business development and marketing. He was the Co-Owner of Excel Performance which specialized in soccer and strength and conditioning programs across the lower mainland till 2015. He is also the founder of Fitness Mate app which is available for all IOS devices.

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