Angus Burke


Training Specialities

 Sports Performance
 Weight Loss
 General Fitness
 Boot Camp
 Strength Training
 Endurance Training
 Metabolic Training

Education and Hobbies


Soccer, Snowboarding, Floorball, Cycling, Running, Yoga and Hockey

Interesting Facts

Recently have got into sensory deprivation tanks and have seen the benefits mentally, physically and spiritually that they can have. Love frozen grapes, sushi and would love to go Heli-Boarding in the near future.

Training Location

On location or at Woodwards – 128 W Cordova Street, Vancouver

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Average rating:  
 5 reviews
by Carol on EP Fitness
Great trainer!

I started training with Angus a few months ago. I had an instant increase in my energy levels and he stirred a lifestyle change. It wasn't just about the sessions together, but how much he motivated me to be more active and eat healthier overall. With the circuit style training, he really helped me get past a threshold of pain/tiredness where I usually give up on my own and I was dripping sweat every session. I was very self conscious about being at the gym beforehand, but I felt safe and confident working out with him. Overall, Angus is a great trainer and I highly recommend him!

by Rob Moore on EP Fitness

By ten minutes into the session Angus has me sweating through my shirt. By the end of the session I am gassed. I've only been going for a month and a half and I already need to have my clothes taken in. Great trainer! Super motivating! Really knows what he's doing. Great Canadian kid.

by Khalid Khashoggi on EP Fitness
Great Trainer

The best personal training I have ever had. Very professional, motivated and always coming up with new ideas to make it more interesting. Very reliable with good results.I really enjoyed working with the team. I worked with Angus and his team for over 2 years before I moved away back to Saudia Arabia.

by Jamie Sadler on EP Fitness
Awesome Trainer

I have trained with Angus for over three years. I am in my late 40's and in the best shape of my life. Angus tailors programs to your needs and strengths and challenges you to push yourself each session. He is truly a skilled professional who knows how to assist his clients in reaching their desired fitness goals. I've experienced the results!

by Brian Cullen on EP Fitness
Highly Reccomended!

Worked with Angus in Fairview during the summer of 2012. I needed to get back in shape for "life" and soccer. All I can say was each workout was very varied and he explained to me why we were doing specific things as it related to soccer and fitness. Highly recommended!

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