Best Workout Routines while Travelling

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Summer is definitely here, and with summer comes vacation. Vacation can bring a lull to ones workout regime and a more “flexible” nutrition plan, that usually incorporates more carbohydrates and alcohol. While it is nice to get away on vacation and indulge a bit, it should not be a recipe to completely neglect fitness and nutrition. If you look below there is a workouts you can do on your own with no equipment and blast away in 15 minutes and I have also attached my 7 Day -8 minute Fat Burner video. I know the quality is not the greatest, but the video still accomplishes it’s objective. The goal is to maintain your fitness level, so when you jump back with myself or Daria you are not not gasping for air.


Workout #1: Do the circuit 3X with no rest

1. Cross X Skiiers -1:00 minute

2. Burpees – 15X

3. Pushups- 15X

4. Squats -15X

5. Squat Jumps – 20X

6. Lunge jumps on both sides -10X

7. X-Abs -20X


Here are also, Seven -8 Minute Workouts to do on your own.

  • This workout video can be done without dumbbells and a bosu ball if needed. 



Need a new workout Jam?


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