Why the Bosu Ball is the King of Fitness

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There is no doubt the bosu ball has become a more popular tool for fitness trainers. It’s reported from the Health and Fitness Association, that 96% of fitness professionals use the 1/2 dome faced ball for various balance, strength, rehabilitation and plyometric training.


King of Core:

Flip this guy on both sides and you have various exercises to challenge your core region. This can be mixed in with various strength and cardio-vascular movements to make it the ultimate 1 stop shop.


Where theres core work there comes balance and the bosu delivers on all fronts. There is no doubt that the bosu will help your balance and stability and there are countless exercises to help you that!

Want to get strong?

The bosu delivers from lower body to upper body from squats to pushups, it challenges you on many different levels.


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