Eating Your Way to Abs

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Hi everyone!

When it comes to getting those flashy, A-list Abs, is your first choice to jump into that celebrity diet everyone’s been raving about? Where all they take is some exotic juice cleanse?









Often times a quick five to ten pounds will come off, but then pretty soon your old eating habits come right back because of the drastic changes in your eating habits. Generally, speaking 15% body fat is the lucky number where you can start seeing some definition in your abdomen region.

If you’re really dead set on knocking off those pounds via a diet, then you must make sure to be very devoted to it. Stick to something that you’ll be comfortable with. A Diet is a life-style, not a one-time shindig. Keep track of your diet via apps, on-paper or your smart-phone and work on making small progressions that will become a long-term habit.

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