Exercise of Week #1: TRX Pushups

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Exercise of Week: #1: TRX Pushups



When it comes to supreme fitness the TRX suspension exercises will get you there. TRX is a fun, effective way to get into shape. The TRX is a way to tone your entire body and have fun while you are doing it.

With this suspension system you are using your own body weight and gravity to challenge muscle groups. During each exercise either part of your body will be suspended or you will be leaning towards the floor suspended by the bands.

There are a full range of exercises that you can do with the TRX that are easy on the joints and a great way to get your body in top physical condition. You can try out the exercises below to get the most out of the TRX.



Beginner Exercises

There are some easy exercises to start with that anyone can do like:

  • Push ups
  • Chest press
  • Low Row
  • The Alligator

Push up’s can be fun! The TRX push up’s are easy for beginners. Simply place your feet in the suspension straps and allow them to dangle off the ground while you do your push up’s. This works your chest, biceps, gluts and core. A really great work out.

Chest press is simple as well. Grab the suspension straps and pull yourself back and forth (think push up while standing). The low row is a challenging move that is great for building the back, torso and arms. Grab the suspension straps with palms facing each other. Lean all the way back so that your weight is on your heels and slowly pull your torso toward your hands.

The alligator is a great way to build your back, shoulders and arms. Lean back until the straps are taut and alternate between lifting the right arm while you move the left down in an Alligator mouth motion. Sounds simple? It is but it is one of the most effective ways to get to your target level of fitness.

Intermediate Exercises

Once you have been at it for a while you can move on up to the intermediate exercises.

  • Push up with Pike
  • Y Fly

From your suspended plank position you can do a push with pike. Both moves are great on their own but when you put them together you are getting a total body workout.

The Y Fly is also an awesome intermediate move that will help you reach your fitness goals. Stand with feet apart facing the anchor and lift arms over head in a y grasping the straps. Pull your body back until you have a nice diagonal line and move your arms in and out toward each other as you move your body back to an upright position.

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