This is my first session, what should I expect?

Expect your fitness trainer to perform a fitness assessment, scan and measurements with you.

What if I am a beginner in fitness?

No worries. Our instructors will tailor their program to your fitness goals. During the consultation and fitness assessment our trainers will be able to assess your level and build an efficient program for you.

What do I need to bring for my fitness program?

Water and if you are off-site then a towel is recommended.

What is your cancellation policy?

24 hours or you will be charged for your session.

How can I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment 24 hours a day online.

Who are your trainers?

Male and Female certified fitness trainers with years of experience. Check out the “Meet your Trainers” for more information.

Where do I meet my trainer?

You meet the trainer in the lobby of the training facility or otherwise arranged if you are off-site.

Are there showers?

Yes, there is showers on-site.

What is in your proximity for off-site visits?

Anywhere Downtown, Olympic Village or up to Main and 2nd Avenue. Anywhere outside this proximity can be arranged with an added cost.

What is a Pre-Qualification Phone Call and Consultation?

Your pre-qualification phone call will take approx. 5-10 minutes and is where you and the trainer will review specific fitness and nutritional goals. From here you will be booked in a in-person consultation (30-45 minutes) where we will be finding the right fitness solution for your specific needs.

Do you offer Gift Cards?

Gift Cards can be purchased by contacting an EP Fitness representative at angus@epfitnesstrainer.com

Can I get nutritional advice?

Yes, meal plans, nutritional themes and food diaries are all important factors in all our programs.

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