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Fitness TrainerYour fitness trainer is your exercise and workout training professional. This person will basically help you get fit and to stay there by being a role model for you about health, helping you stay motivated in your workout routine and providing you regular feedback.

Fitness trainers need a high school diploma in order to enter this profession. However, it is usually preferred that they are graduated from college with a major in physical fitness or any health-related field. Training, CPR and first aid are also a great extra for a fitness trainer.

The job of your fitness trainer is to demonstrate and teach yoga, Pilates, weight training and aquacise. She/he will also create personal exercise programs for you, supervise your exercise, show the use of workout equipment, hold fitness assessments for you and help you plan a healthier lifestyle. Exercise to music, gym-based workout and water based workout are important.

Full time fitness trainers usually work thirty to forty seven hours a week. For soft skills, they need to be able to listen actively what they customers are trying to get across so that they may be able to help them out and to be able to satisfy these needs after they have understood them. Secondly, a fitness trainer must be able to instruct others properly. For this, communication skills and teaching skills are very important. She/he must also be able to motivate the other person to exercise regularly and effectively.

Your fitness trainer is usually a physically flawless and lively engaging person who can help people join the work out regime and then get them to continue it.

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