5 Reasons to Love the TRX

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Reasons to love the TRX

I have been using the TRX as a Fitness Trainer for the past few years but have really ramped up the usage in the last 6-8 months and I really cannot get enough of it. Now lets get this straight the TRX does not replace dumbbells, exercise balls, bosu balls etc but it does deliver the best one stop shop for “all fitness levels”.  If you are looking to make this purchase I suggest looking at amazon or other online avenues as they can cost a pretty penny retailing at around ($200).

1.  It can travel anywhere!

With a TRX “X” mount you can attach this badboy onto any door and off you go! It goes great with a smith machine, cross-bar on a soccer goal or any other steady frame.

2. It works for all fitness levels

Here is the big one, anybody from Grandma Ruth to George St Pierre can use this device and have a challenging work out. It comes down to the placement of your feet, being more dynamic and increasing your range of motion to increase the difficulty.

3. Functional Training

The TRX works you in a variety of planes and with a variety of ranges of motion. It trains you to be stronger in your daily activities and does so in almost a “dummy” proof way. It allows you to move through hundreds of varied and functional movements to make you more powerful, lose weight and get stronger.

4. Incorporates a full body and core engaged workout every time!

Your core is constantly challenged to be stable, balanced and “engaged” even when the primary muscle you are working on is something completely different.  It carries a lot of similar attributes that the exercise ball does when working out the upper body (i.e. DB Press on the exercise ball or Pushups on ground with feet in TRX).

5. It’s more fun!

Let’s be honest the TRX is just more fun. When you are pulling yourself up from the ground and jumping off one leg things not only get more dynamic but they become more exciting!



Till next time!

Angus Burke


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