Membership Policies

  • Membership Policies
    • All memberships commence at the first day of your first training session.
    • All sessions are 45 minutes in length
    • Cancellation of sessions needs a 24 hours notice. This can be done at, your confirmation email or by emailing
    • Members have the right to request for a different trainer in the EP Fitness network.
    • Members can request how many sessions there membership is at any time by logging into the booking software or emailing for an attendance report.




    • Platinum, Gold and Silver passes are billed automatically on the same day each month of the first purchase.
    • Member is committed to pay for the full payment.
    • All payments are done online, unless otherwise arranged.
    • If member would like to pay the full amount at 1x there will be a 10% discount.

    Important Note:

  • Expiry date: is based upon training at 1x per week.  The amount of sessions can be completed as frequent as one chooses.
  • Payment Plan Information: Personal and Partner Training Silver
    • 6 sessions: Expiration: 1 month




    • 26 sessions: Expiration: 6 months
    • 1X per week: 6 monthly payments
    • 2X per week: 3 monthly payments
    • 3X per week: 2 monthly payments




    • 52 sessions: Expiration: 12 months
    • 1X per week: 12 monthly payments
    • 2X per week: 6 monthly payments
    • 3X per week: 4 monthly payments















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