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Getting Started

1. Book a Consultation Video or Phone Conference Call: (35 minutes)

We will walk through an in-depth consultation that will review your fitness and nutrition history. This is our chance to identify problems in the past and work towards the most effective fitness program moving forward. During the consultation, you will learn step by step of how we work with our clients and we will identify the right solution for your circumstance. At the end, we will recommend  a fitness package that suits your needs, lifestyle and budget.

2. We're Set to Get Fit!

Once you have spoke to your trainer, and choose what package suits your needs. You will be receive an email with instructions on how to proceed.

Exclusive Benefits for Members

  • Nutritional counseling (Meals plans)
  • Customized workouts
  • Commuity Support Group
  • Private Trainer Communication 24/7
  • Access to your own fitness app
  • Full Video Tutorial of hundreds of exercises
  • Video or Phone Conference Check-Ins with your selected Trainer
  • Comprehensive and state of at the art software for your laptop, iPad and smart-phone
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