Partner training is perfect for any friend, co-worker or couple looking to get fit together!  EP Fitness strives itself on providing the most efficient workout possible. We specialize in helping busy urban professionals lose weight, tone, increase strength, endurance, flexibility and boost self-esteem! . During your Free consultation on your first session you will review your fitness, health and nutritional goals with your selected trainer. Our 30 or 45 minute (H.I.I.T) fitness programs are perfect for anybody on the go who is looking to maximize their time and money.



  • Gold
    $33 / session
    • Includes 26 sessions
    • Expiration: 6 month
    • Payment Plans: 4, 6, 12 month (depending on frequency)
  • Silver
    $35 / session
    • Includes 6 sessions
    • Expiration: 1 month
    • Payment Plan: 1 month
  • Intro Package
    $25 /SESSION
    • Includes 3 sessions
    • Expiration: 3 weeks
    • Terms: 30 Minute (H.I.I.T), Valid for new members only, 1X only purchase

Exclusive Benefits for Members

  • Nutritional counseling (Meal plans and E-Books)
  • Flexible Memberships
  • Various payment plans
  • Online Bookings 24/7
  • Fitness Assessments (4-6 weeks)
  • Access to your own fitness portal
  • 24/7 Private “What’s App” conversation with your trainer (Food Diary & Workout Log)
  • Track your physiological age “I-Heart” Technology. What is I-Heart?
  • Track your body fat % and muscle quality using Skulpt Technology 

Terms: All partner memberships need to be purchased by both individuals. Silver membership sessions do not carry over to the next month. Gold and Platinum are valid for the time purchased. There is a minimum of 4 sessions per month that do not carry over for Gold and Platinum memberships. See membership policies.

Want to earn some Free Fitness? Inquire about making a full payment for Gold & Platinum packages and earn two or four free sessions from your selected trainer! 


  • Drop In
    $40 / session
    • No commitment
    • 45 minute sessions
    • Cash or credit card in person
    • $40 per session

Refer a friend and earn $100 cash

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