Personal & Partner Training Programs

Getting Started

1. Book a Pre-Qualification Phone Call (10 minutes)

This is where we are going to start to get to know you and your fitness goals. Once you have learned a bit about our programs, our philosophy and history we will schedule an in-person consultation.

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2. In-Person Consultation (30 minutes)

We will walk through an in-depth consultation that will review your fitness and nutrition history. This is our chance to identify problems in the past and work towards the most effective fitness program moving forward. During the consultation, you will learn step by step of how we work with our clients and we will identify the right solution for your circumstance. At the end, we will recommend  a fitness package that suits your needs, lifestyle and budget.

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3. Book your Fitness Session Online

You are ready to go! Book any available fitness session with our male or female trainer, up to 1 hour ahead of time. This can be onsite, or on-location (location permitting).

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Why EP Fitness

Experienced Trainers

Book fitness training with an experienced trainer.

On Your Schedule

Use our online booking system to view the live schedule of our classes. 

24/7 Support

Instant chat with a EP Fitness Specialist from your Fitness App.

Guaranteed Results

90 Day Conditional Guarantee, or your investment back!


Choose from 5 different meal plans and 1 template customized to your lifestyle

My Fitness Pal Integration

Keep track of your Macros/Micros/Fat/Carbs etc, which automatically get’s loaded to your dashboard and shared with your trainer.

Fitbit Integration

Keep track of all your measurements and movements, which automatically get’s loaded to your dashboard and shared with your trainer

Workouts on your Own

Get sent workouts and guided coaching on your day’s off with your trainer. Easy to use app, sent directly to your smart-phone

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