Top 7 Fitness Pet Peeves

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Generally, I would congratulate anyone who steps into a gym or decides to do any bit of physical activity. But here I have decided to take opposite route and name the top 7 Fitness Pet Peeves. Let me know what really grinds your gears when your at the gym, spin class, running etc?

7. Working only the beach muscles

So we understand you do not care if you have a in-proportionate body. But if you think doing 5 sets on the preacher curl and doing 345 situps makes you think you will pick up girls on your Cancun trip your probably mistaken.


6. Loud grunting

Now realize it’s not 1978 and there is no need to wear a weight lifting belt. Better yet, please stop grunting loudly and pretending your Peter North.

5. Leaving your sweat all over the machines

We get it, you are working hard and sweating up a storm. That is why at almost all gyms there are things called “paper towels” where you can clean up your filthy mess.


4. Texting while working out

I get that some people use their iphone for music, but please refrain from texting and answering phone calls while working out. If you can talk on the phone and workout at the same time, means you need to get a new routine.



3. Reading a book or magazine

Ok, this one drives me crazy and ladies this is targeted at you. Do you honestly thinking your burning that many calories reading Harry Potter and slowly exercising on your stationary bike? Give your head a shake.

2. Not putting away equipment

Oh hey!, Do not worry I’ll put this 90lbs piece of metal away for you. Douche.


1. Taking your shirt off

Here we go, the guy who takes his shirt off. Needless to say there could be a few things wrong with this guy. Safe to say, he probably just finished his preacher curls, downed 4  protein shakes in-fluxed with chocolate whey and just had his chest shaved. This is not Venice beach and you are making everyone uncomfortable.

Till next time!

Angus Burke

EP Fitness Trainer



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