Why You Should Use Fitness Apps and Listen to Music!

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It does not matter what type of exercise you do, everybody has bloody headphones in their ears! And I’ll be honest, I will not workout without my iPod Nano which is loaded up with all the newest tunes and podcasts. Research has demonstrated music keeps people motivated and thus makes us work harder. This goes for the type of music as well, for instance Songza (Iphone app) keeps it’s Run section at approx. 160 BPM and as high as 180BPM to those EDM lovers.

“In study by C. J. Bacon of Sheffield Hallam University, Karageorghis and their colleagues, participants who cycled to music required 7 percent less oxygen to do the same work as cyclists who did not synchronize their movements with background music. Music, it seems, can function as a metronome, helping someone maintain a steady pace, reducing false steps and decreasing energy expenditure.” (Jabr, Scientific American).

Let’s be honest for a second, is lifting heavy objects or running on a stuffy treadmill fun? The answer is simple. NO. That is why we need mental stimuli get us to where we want to be in achieving our fitness goals.



Now we get why music makes us work harder, but what about fitness apps? If you have not tried downloading one before, or even heard of people using a fitness app, you probably do not own a smart phone, are really old or rebelling societal norms. The bottom line is that we are a tech crazy society who needs instant satisfaction and apps do that. They allow us to listen to our music while tracking our progress, which is VITAL for anyone who is looking to improve their fitness levels. It really does not matter what type of activity you are doing, there is an app for it (Running, Biking, Lifting, Skiing, etc.).

6 Reasons you need to download a Fitness App.

1. TRACK your progress

2. Motivation

3. It’s way more Fun

4. Share with friends (Also, motivation)

5. Self-Confidence

6. Sense of accomplishment

In the end, nobody will progress in their fitness goals without tracking progress and there has never been a time in history where we can download apps for the cost of cup of coffee to give us that edge.

I personally use 2 fitness apps. Nike Fitness App and Strava. It’s simple it tracks my distance accurately and lets me listen to my music. So get out there and use technology to help you!


Angus Burke

BSc, CFT, Jr.Fitness Cert


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