What Is The Definition Of Wellness?

Health is a condition of mental, physical and emotional well-being where infirmity and illness are absent. It also includes the ability to cope with challenges and face problems with the use of healthy practices and attitudes. It is also the capacity to enjoy life without limitations and contributes to the maintenance of a healthy environment. The definition of health has various definitions and it has been shown that people living in poverty have low self-appreciation, worse health, lower confidence levels, and poor health habits.

The prevailing poor health affects the individual as well as the society. Poor well-being leads to ill health, disability, premature death and other ailments. This has profound effects on the society because healthy people contribute to the economic well-being through productive labor. Health problems and illnesses result in lower production and employment potential of an individual or group. The negative impact on the economy is the leading cause of income loss and social conflict.

The promotion and maintenance of good health are essential to address these issues and improve overall well being. There are numerous ways of promoting good wellbeing; one of them is through public health. The provision of services to promote good health in communities form an important means of addressing these societal problems.

The promotion and maintenance of well-being entail addressing health and sickness at different levels and perspectives. For instance, sickness affects the physical body while absence from wellness impacts the mental and the emotional aspects of an individual or a group. Some health issues may be caused by mental illnesses, while others may be due to environmental factors such as toxins and pollution. Wellness promotes healthy behaviors such as maintaining a positive attitude and healthy lifestyle. It also helps individuals to acquire the skills and knowledge that they need to overcome challenges and survive in a world where diseases and illnesses abound.

The definition also implies that it is necessary for everyone to participate in the pursuit of good health. A healthy environment facilitates the prevention and treatment of a wide array of diseases and illnesses. It also renders better assistance to those who have acquired the disease or illness. This is what the definition aims at all times.

The definition of wellness was created by Elton Mayo, the Mayo Clinic professor and consultant on medical matters. The Mayo Clinic defines optimal health as having a balanced level of being in tune with one’s physical and mental states. This means having a balance between the mind, body and spirit. One way of achieving the optimal state of wellness is through the use of proper diet, regular exercise, a positive outlook and lifestyle and avoiding exposure to disease and injury. These practices ensure that the person reaches the ideal state of being which is considered to be a “healthy state”.

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