The trend of multi-purpose skincare products is one of the aspects of “clean beauty”. A product that deserves attention is Ella and Jo’s cleanser which converts from balm to oil as it not only takes off makeup but also exfoliates your skin! This year, pastels blend with brights for aContinue Reading

Resilience refers to an individual’s capacity for handling stressful or threatening situations with ease and optimism, solving problems independently. Resilient children possess this quality. Resilience in children can be linked to various aspects of their lives, including intelligence, agreeable temperament and optimism. A resilient child is likely to be supportedContinue Reading

Lean unprocessed meats, fish and seafood, leafy vegetables, fresh fruit, eggs, nuts and healthy oils are paleo diet-friendly foods. The plan doesn’t allow dairy, grains (except for whole grains), legumes, processed junk food and added sugar. The goal is to avoid foods that are difficult for your body to digest,Continue Reading

Despite its apparent simplicity, happiness is hard to pin down. Psychologist’s happiness scales are imprecise, and the field of Positive Psychology focuses on five agreed-upon components that boost well-being: positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishment. But even this hedonic approach is changing the way researchers study happiness. For example,Continue Reading

To get the most health benefits from your carbohydrates diet, you should pair them with fat, protein, and fiber. While added sugar is harmful to your health, naturally occurring sugars are not. Besides providing energy, natural sugars also contain important vitamins and minerals. This way, you can satisfy your sweetContinue Reading

If you are wondering how yoga helps to improve health, you have come to the right place. There are several reasons to practice yoga, including its calming effects and increased energy levels. Practicing yoga daily has been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve heart function, and even lower cholesterol levels.Continue Reading

It’s important to follow a special diet after thyroid removal to ensure you’re recovering as quickly as possible. You may have to limit your intake of certain types of food, especially fatty and spicy foods, to prevent complications from forming. In addition to causing sore throat and weight gain, aContinue Reading