Best Fitness Apps For iPhone

If you want to burn calories while exercising, there are many apps to choose from. These programs vary in price and quality but all are meant to help you stay healthy. Some are free, while others are subscription based. Some may be better for beginners than others. It all depends on your goals and your current fitness level. Here are five apps that you should try out today. You might be surprised at how many you will enjoy! Listed below are some of the best fitness apps for iPhone.

7 Minute Workout: Designed with busy schedules and frequent travel in mind, 7 Minute Workout is one of the most simple but effective fitness apps available. The app features 72 workouts with more than 1,000 variations. You can choose from a seven-minute ab workout, a 30-minute sweat session, or a thirty-minute cardio session. The app incorporates Apple HealthKit and offers a free seven-day trial for beginners.

Google Fit: Another Android staple, Google Fit encourages users to stay healthy. This app tracks heart rate, sleep, and other activities. It even lets you keep a food diary! Another excellent app is Glo, which focuses on meditation and yoga. It’s free and easy to use. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your needs. So which one will you choose? There are tons to choose from, so don’t settle for anything less than the best!

Body Pump: A fitness app for the introvert. With 100+ exercises to choose from, this app will motivate even the most reluctant exerciser. You can choose from ten different targeted workouts, or go for a thirty-minute randomized full-body routine. There’s an app for every fitness level and budget. This app will help you stay motivated and on track. If you’re not happy with the workouts, you can cancel your subscription.

JEFIT: Another good app for the gym is JEFIT, which lets you log your workouts in a simple and effective way. This app features an extensive database of exercises and helps you plan your sessions. You can record total reps and weights, and view your progress over time. There are also tools for recording body measurements, weight, and other metrics. Its free download is available on both iOS and Android. However, if you don’t want to spend $6.99 on a monthly subscription, you can also buy the premium membership. The premium version gives you access to training reports, tracking features, and premium workout plans.

Adidas Running: This app was originally called Runtastic, and its developers have spent years adding more features to its lineup. With features such as HIIT workout planners, healthy food recipes, and individual exercises apps, the developer has been busy adding new features to its collection. The app also includes social features. The only downfall to Strava is that it is not suitable for body building, weightlifting, or floor-training, but it is a great tool for jogging.

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