Medicine – A Wonderful Thing to Have on Hand

Medicine is the science and discipline of treating a patient effectively managing the entire diagnosis, prognosis, diagnosis, therapy or recovery of the patient. Medicine covers a wide range of medical specialties developed to preserve and restore health by the appropriate treatment and prevention of disease. A doctor can specialize in a specific area of medicine such as pediatrics, cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, neurology, plastic surgery, prostate cancer, Gastroenterology, infectious diseases, etc. The subspecialty of medicine is further divided into specializations such as pediatricians, gynecologists, surgeons, psychiatrists and nurses. Each specialized area of medicine has its own specific areas of specialization as well as research.

The study of the medical science seeks to answer the basic questions concerning the nature and cause of the sickness, how the body will react in different situations and how the human faculty will behave in similar situations. The result of the investigation of medicine is a specific treatment or cure for the illness that has been discovered. It aims to provide solutions for all the existing medical problems. The process of discovery of medicine started from the time when people began to know about the divine origins of the universe. People were attracted by the knowledge of God and His healing powers and started experimenting with natural methods to cure various diseases.

Early man used a stick or rod with a combustible substance to diagnose and treat his sick. Later on, he discovered fire and applied it to burn a portion of a diseased body part to cure it. He then used the ashes of a tree to heal his sick. When he discovered fire, he got inspired to discover medicine as well. A few scientists used the burning of cabbages, stems and leaves to find out how people would feel better after being treated with catechins and quercetin (a citrus fruit extract). After discovering and studying the effects of catechins on the human body, they were able to develop catechins that can effectively fight viruses, bacteria and other harmful microbes.

After that, they started developing medicines that were more potent and stronger than the earlier ones. They further discovered that certain combinations of those medicines would work wonders to cure the disease and give the person complete relief from pain and suffering. Since science has a consistent view about the cause of diseases, the doctors are now prescribing medicines that cure the main cause but provide immediate relief. Thus, the prescribed medicines are not prescription drugs that might have some negative side effects on the person. Instead, these drugs cause side effects only when the person starts using them.

These medicines are available over-the-counter and are easily available in drug stores and supermarkets. However, you should take care not to use them for longer durations if your doctor prescribes them. Consult with your doctor before taking these medicines. You should keep track of how long the medicine has been taken and how effective it is for you. If it is working well, you can continue using it for a longer period of time and if it is not working well, discontinue using it.

Medicine has many uses. It is prescribed by doctors and helps people stay healthy. Scientists also make medicines and prescribe them to cure different diseases. Therefore, medicine is essential and people should have a proper knowledge about the various medicines available to cure different diseases. Keep track of how long the medicine has been taken and how effective it is for you.

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