Top 5 Fitness Watches

Having a fitness watch can be a great way to keep track of your fitness level. Not only can it tell you how many steps you have taken and how much exercise you have done, but it can also provide you with information about your heart rate and calorie consumption.

Garmin Vivomove Sport

Whether you’re an athlete, a health-conscious beginner or just looking to track your daily activities, Garmin Vivomove Sport offers a range of features and benefits. It’s a great choice for daily tracking, but it’s also a great option for people who want a fitness watch that’s also affordable.

Vivomove Sport uses connected GPS to track your runs. The watch can also track hydration levels. It can set goals based on sweat and can alert emergency contacts when you need them. Vivomove can also detect falls and initiate a call to your preset emergency contact.

It also has built-in sport modes. These allow you to choose between walking, running, cycling, swimming and strength training. Vivomove also offers guided breathing exercises, which will lower your heart rate.

Apple Watch Series 8

Compared to the Series 7, Apple’s newest smartwatch is more slender, lighter, and easier to wear. The new Watch also has an updated gyroscope and accelerometer that make the watch more responsive.

One of the coolest new features in the Apple Watch Series 8 is the ability to detect high g-force motion, such as running on a treadmill. This is something the Series 7 wasn’t capable of.

Another big new feature in the Series 8 is the ability to detect temperature changes, a must have for women’s health tracking. The Apple Watch Series 8 includes two temperature sensors, one on the back of the watch and one beneath the display.

The Watch also includes a 256G force level measurement feature. This is a new capability to the Series, allowing for more accurate force measurement.

Huawei Band 3 Pro

Those looking for an activity tracker that offers GPS, heart rate tracking, and sleep monitoring should consider the Huawei Band 3 Pro. Its features are comparable to the high-end models from Fitbit, but at a more budget-friendly price.

In addition to tracking steps and calories, the Huawei Band 3 Pro can provide notifications for phone calls and messages. The device has an impressive battery life, lasting up to 30 days on standby and five days with daily workouts.

It can also monitor your heart rate, track your sleep, and measure your VO2 max. The device is also water resistant to 50 meters.

The Huawei Band 3 Pro features a large 0.95-inch, 120 x 240 AMOLED touchscreen. The display is full color and has three watch faces. The screen is also curved, making it easy to see the information on a sunny day.

Withings Lily

Designed for women, Garmin Lily is a full-screen fitness watch that offers a variety of activities, fitness tracking, and stress management tools. It’s also one of the smallest watches from Garmin. It features a 34mm casing, slim straps, and no buttons. It’s also compatible with Android smartphones. It comes with a charger that attaches to the watch’s edge. It charges from zero to one hundred percent in 90 minutes.

It also tracks heart rate, oxygen content, and SpO2. It’s got a five-minute deep breathing exercise to help lower your heart rate. It also has incident detection, so it automatically calls help when an accident occurs. The watch also keeps tabs on your real-time location.

Lily is available in two models: Classic and Sport. The Classic is more fashion-forward and has a stainless-steel band and Italian leather strap. The Sport is available in cream gold, rose gold, and midnight orchid.

Garmin Forerunner 745

Designed for runners, triathletes and cyclists, the Garmin Forerunner 745 has a host of features that help you train better. It comes with advanced features such as built-in activity profiles, GPS, heart rate monitoring and anaerobic training effect. The watch also features a built-in music player, calendar appointments, and more.

One of the more advanced features of the Forerunner 745 is the Pulse Ox sensor, which measures oxygen saturation levels and breathing rate. This is especially important for altitude exercise. The sensor also measures calories burned and distance climbed.

Other features include a heart strap monitor, a gyroscope, GPS, a barometric altimeter and more. The watch also features contactless payments and can store up to 500 songs.

Forerunner 745 features built-in sport profiles for running, cycling, swimming and more. The watch also supports power and cadence sensors for cycling. This means elite cyclists can follow pre-made cycling courses.

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