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In 2017, We lost our clients 56% of their body fat, increased their strength and continued to try to make fitness and health a long-term habit…” -Angus Burke, Founder, EP Fitness


We help Vancouver working professionals lose weight, gain strength and tone up. We do this in 25% less time than our competitors

Chances are we’ve worked with someone like you, and they’ve seen amazing results.

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  • Men: Excess belly fat
  • Men: Skinny arms
  • Women: Increased glutes
  • Women: Toned arms
What Our Clients Say…
  • "Angus and the EP fitness team are amazing! From training with them, my life has improved in so many ways. My energy, focus, overall wellness and happiness have increased. I’m more fit than I’ve ever been and actually look forward to my workouts. "

    Renee Spotify
  • "After almost a year of embarking on a healthier lifestyle, I wanted to increase my strength training and continue to work towards my overall fitness goals. I had been referred to EP Fitness by a friend and it was exactly what I was looking for."

    Daniel Associate Vice President, TD Bank
  • "Angus, and his team at EP Fitness, are totally client focused, professional, and great at what they do. The perfect combination of pushing you through, and pulling you back, when needed. My results have been amazing."

    Brian CEO
  • "Having worked out with Angus for the past 6 months I can definitely attest to his excellence in personal training. This guy will kick your butt into shape in a matter of months. The HIIT training he put me and my partner through was intense."

    Cara Hootsuite
  • "In just a short amount of time training with Angus I felt that I was able to make big improvements. I've learned about proper form and different types of exercises that I would never have done on my own. Angus is extremely good at what he does."

    Jayme Canotal
    Jayme Canotal Small Business BC
  • "Angus is a fantastic trainer. Every day is a different workout, yet each exercise is geared towards my goals. It's been amazing to see myself get stronger through our work together."

    Tarah Counsellor

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Well, most fitness companies would say instantly yes and begin over-promising.

So, here’s the deal…if we can help you, we will. And If I can’t, I’ll still help you. I’ll give you my honest feedback and point you in the right direction as if I were in your shoes.

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