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In 2017, We lost our clients 56% of their body fat, increased their strength and continued to try to make fitness and health a long-term habit…” -Angus Burke, Founder, EP Fitness


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  • Men: Excess belly fat
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  • Women: Increased glutes
  • Women: Toned arms
What Our Clients Say…
  • "I found Angus to be an excellent trainer! He took the time to do some preliminary fitness testing and to engage in dialogue about my goals. He is consistently well prepared, and is able to pack an efficient workout into a short amount of time, with the kind of intensity that I look for to keep my motivation and fitness improvement on track. Angus is an advocate of fitness tracking for individual success, and consistently provides valuable feedback, form correction and additional workout suggestions. I would recommend EP Fitness Inc. to anyone looking to improve their fitness in a positive, client-focused environment".

    Valerie Martell Google Reviews
  • "My boyfriend and I started partner training with Angus in December 2014 and are amazed with the results. Angus makes the workouts engaging and challenging. He pushes us harder then we would ever be able to do on our own. The 45 minute high intensity workouts are easily able to fit into our busy work schedules. Tons of availability for sessions and his online booking makes it easy to book a session. Highly recommend using Angus at EP Fitness to anyone looking to obtain their fitness goals!"

    Cathryn Waker Yelp Review
  • I have trained with Angus for over three years. I am in my late 40's and in the best shape of my life. Angus tailors programs to your needs and strengths and challenges you to push yourself each session. He is truly a skilled professional who knows how to assist his clients in reaching their desired fitness goals. I've experienced the results!

    Jamie Sadler EP Fitness Client
  • "The best personal training I have ever had. Very professional, motivated and always coming up with new ideas to make it more interesting. Very reliable with good results.I really enjoyed working with Angus and his team. They are literally the best personal training experience I have ever had".

    Khalid K.
    Khalid K. Yelp Review
  • Worked with Angus in Fairview during the summer of 2012. I needed to get back in shape for "life" and soccer. All I can say was each workout was very varied and he explained to me why we were doing specific things as it related to soccer and fitness. Highly recommended!

    Brian Cullen EP Fitness Client
  • "Thanks so much for the training. It was great. A real refreshing change and opportunity to not do my own usual stuff".

    Mark P. EP Fitness Client
  • "As a working mom with two small children I really appreciated the focused efficient workout I got with Angus, who is professional and personable. Thanks Angus for getting me back on track!".

    Christine H. Facebook Review
  • "Flexible and easy scheduling online and great programs offered!".

    Krystal C. Facebook Review
  • "The things I've learned in my sessions with Angus have become an integral part of my everyday gym routine. He's incredibly knowledgeable, he pushes you, keeps you engaged and is very thorough, I burn 3 times the amount of calories and in half the time. Angus has succeeded in making cardio fun, I would not go to any other trainer".

    Natalija Perincic Google Reviews
  • "I recently completed a 28 day challenge with EP Fitness and it was the perfect way to dive into working out and getting fit and healthy. The workouts were challenging but "doable" and I always felt a great sense of accomplishment when finished. Angus knows just the right amount of "push" to give. He also is great in keeping in touch via texting to make sure I was on track with my eating and fitness plan for the rest of the week. I have trained with Angus on several occasions and plan to train again. Thank you Angus for being dedicated and caring to your clients. It makes a difference".

    MJ Ankenman Google Review
  • "I had never worked with a personal trainer until EP Fitness and I'm definitely glad that I did. They were flexible with their times and flexible with where we could meet, which was incredibly important to me, as often my work days are long with only certain windows of time to work out. EP Fitness accommodated me as best as they could, and I'm very much appreciative for that. EP Fitness goes the extra length to make sure you're taken care of, and they also create awesome custom workouts for you. I have no reservations in recommending the EP Fitness team!"

    Winston Kam Yelp Review


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So, here’s the deal…if we can help you, we will. And If I can’t, I’ll still help you. I’ll give you my honest feedback and point you in the right direction as if I were in your shoes.

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