How to Find the Best Private Health Insurance Plans

If you don’t have health insurance through your employer or government programs like Medicare or Medicaid, you might want to consider purchasing a private health insurance policy.

The ideal private health insurance provides comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. Its coverage levels, deductibles and copays should be easy to comprehend, while the company should offer helpful resources to assist with policy administration.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a reliable health insurance provider with an expansive network of doctors and hospitals. However, its premiums are higher than those charged by other competitors.

BCBS network covers more than 90 percent of America’s doctors and hospitals, making it a great option for those seeking access to an extensive network of providers. Furthermore, those who are self-employed or looking for flexible coverage options will find BCBS to be an excellent option as well.

For those who require additional help paying for their private health insurance policy, applying for a premium tax credit may be possible. Learn more about this program, including how to apply and how much you may receive.

Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the leading health insurance providers in America, boasting an expansive network of doctors and hospitals as well as various plan types such as HMOs, EPOs and PPOs. Furthermore, it boasts impressive ratings with consistently high customer satisfaction scores.


Cigna is one of the world’s largest health insurance providers, offering a comprehensive array of medical, dental and supplemental benefits to individuals and employers worldwide.

It offers a selection of plan types and rates that differ by state, such as HMO, PPO and high-deductible options. Additionally, Medicare Advantage plans are available for seniors.

This insurance company is known for its outstanding customer service. Its representatives are available 24/7 to answer any queries you may have about your policy.

They can verify your coverage, make referrals and provide a range of services such as online second opinions.

Cigna offers its members a selection of benefits, such as free or low-cost preventive care programs and virtual health care. Plus, they provide access to health information via an information line for guidance.


Anthem is one of the largest insurance providers in America, boasting an expansive network of doctors and hospitals. Furthermore, its plans are some of the most affordable available.

Anthem offers a diverse selection of plans similar to Blue Cross Blue Shield. They include HMO, PPO and EPO options as well as standalone dental and vision policies and Medicare supplement policies.

The company collaborates with state partners to provide Medicaid plans and administer health insurance for individuals living on low incomes or with disabilities.

Anthem stands out among other private health insurance policies with their individual plans that cover emergency and urgent care across the US. Plus, they provide telehealth options through LiveHealth Online and 24/7 NurseLine that allow you to connect with a doctor or other healthcare provider without ever leaving home.

Anthem provides its members with several tools and resources, such as the Blue365 program that offers discounts for products related to fitness, eating, personal care, lifestyle and financial health. Furthermore, there’s a mobile app and an extensive customer support portal with online chat capability.


UnitedHealthcare offers a wide selection of health insurance policies for both individuals and small businesses alike. While policy options vary by state, you’re sure to find something that fits within your budget while providing all the essential benefits you require.

UnitedHealthcare also provides wellness programs and incentives to motivate members to maintain good health, such as Rally, SimplyEngaged and UnitedHealth Personal Rewards.

These programs allow you to monitor your health, set goals and earn financial rewards that can be transferred into a health savings account. This is an excellent way for you to save money on healthcare costs while getting more out of your coverage.

UnitedHealthcare offers Medicare Advantage plans and Part D prescription drug plans for people eligible for Medicare. Both its Medicare Advantage and Part D plans have earned excellent customer satisfaction ratings from both CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) and NCQA (National Association for Quality Assurance).

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