If you are wondering how yoga helps to improve health, you have come to the right place. There are several reasons to practice yoga, including its calming effects and increased energy levels. Practicing yoga daily has been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve heart function, and even lower cholesterol levels.Continue Reading

It’s important to follow a special diet after thyroid removal to ensure you’re recovering as quickly as possible. You may have to limit your intake of certain types of food, especially fatty and spicy foods, to prevent complications from forming. In addition to causing sore throat and weight gain, aContinue Reading

While most people don’t think twice about plastic surgery, it’s true that some people opt for it for aesthetic purposes. This includes cosmetic foot surgery. Although it’s not as common as surgery on the hands or face, plastic surgery on the feet can give you the feet you’ve always dreamedContinue Reading

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is “an entire state of total physical, mental and emotional well-being and not just the absence of sickness and disease.” A variety of other definitions have also been used over the years for various purposes. A primary focus of health is toContinue Reading

A mis-citation of fever in kids is often used as a diagnosis for various infections. Fever in young children can be misleading and mis-diagnosed because of its high intensity and frequency. When there is an abundance of symptoms in a child such as dehydration, lethargy, irritability, and loss of appetite,Continue Reading

Health is a condition of mental, physical and emotional well-being where infirmity and disease are absent. Being healthy entails being fit and having proper body weight, a normal height and a straight posture. A person who is healthy has a positive self-image. There are many things that contribute to theContinue Reading

Health is a condition where physical, mental and emotional well-being are at full capacity. This applies to both adults and children, regardless of their sex. There are different ways to look at health. Some would say that physical health refers to the ability to move around, take part in activities,Continue Reading

Health is a condition of mental, physical and emotional well-being where infirmity and illness are absent. It also includes the ability to cope with challenges and face problems with the use of healthy practices and attitudes. It is also the capacity to enjoy life without limitations and contributes to theContinue Reading